KRYN | Risset

Reamping / Mixing


Instrumental Production / Mixing

Lucrecia | Katawaredoki

Instrumental Production / Mixing

Earthists | LIFEBINDER, Tragic Hero Records

Production / Reamping / Mixing

The Afterimage | EVE, Tragic Hero Records

Writing / Guitars / Bass / Production / Engineering / Mixing

The Afterimage | Pursue, Tragic Hero Records

Writing / Guitars



Composition services can range anywhere from adding the final touches to an existing arrangement to bring it to the next level or full on ghost writing directed by your vision. Scoring can apply to all instruments, (drums, bass, guitars, orchestral instruments, synths, etc.).


Production services can include preproduction, sound design, midi programming, editing, tuning vocals, reamping, and the general bringing together of all these elements to prepare your arrangement for mixing and mastering.

Session Recording

Precisely recorded, edited, and reamped bass and/or guitars are available for your projects when musicians or equipment are unavailable.


Whether you've recorded your project here, at another studio, or on your own, recorded audio can be processed to maximize impact on the listener, while creating aggression, punch, and clarity across all the elements of your song.

Song Writing



Asher is a Canada based multi-instrumentalist, song writer, and producer with 15 years of experience writing and recording. Having begun playing instruments at the age of 6, these long-cultivated skills are now assisting artists in the developmental processes of singles, EPs, and records primarily within various metal genres.

Because every project is different, a careful and deliberate plan to bring forth an artist's vision is crafted and implemented on a case by case basis. In all projects, the goal to capture and deliver this is maintained as the top priority.

Coupled with the precise care towards the minute, technical details of engineering, editing, and mixing, results can arrive at a professional product that brings artists closer to their goals.





Software and Sounds


  • i9-7920x

  • 32GB Ram


  • i7-6700HQ

  • 32GB Ram

DSP Servers

  • UAD TB Octo

IO & Misc

  • LittleLabs RedEye 3D Phantom

  • API A2D

  • Suhr Reactive Load


  • Beyerdynamics DT 770 Pro

  • Yamaha NS10s


  • Mayones Regius 8

    • BKP Aftermaths​

  • Caparison HGS EF​

    • DiMarzio​ D-Activator/Air Norton S

  • Jackson SLATXSD 3-7​

    • Seymour Duncan Blackouts​​

  • Kiesel Zeus 8 String​

  • Dingwall NG-2 5 String​


  • MXR Smart Gate

  • MXR Six Band EQ

  • Maxon OD808

  • Darkglass B7K Ultra II

Amps, Cabs, and Signal Processors

  • Peavey 6505

  • Laney VH100R

  • Mesa Dual Rectifier

  • Fractal AxeFx II

  • Empirical Labs Distressor EL8

DAW & Networking

  • Cubase 10 Pro

  • Vienna Ensemble Pro 7


  • SoundToys

  • Universal Audio

  • JST Tones

  • Neural DSP

  • Waves

  • many more...

Virtual Instruments

  • Submission Audio

  • GedGood Drums

  • ImpactStudios

  • Toontrack

  • Native Instruments

  • Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2

  • many more...


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